Precision Reproduction D-Jetronic Components and More

As many D-Jetronic owners know, sourcing high quality new rubber injector, TPS (Throttle Position Sensor), MPS (Manifold Pressure Sensor) fuel pump and temperature sensor boots and plugs is nearly impossible and when found are exceedingly expensive. Repro-Parts of Germany offers an extensive line of components to restore your D-Jetroinc wiring harness which you will find on our online store. 

Repro-Parts also has select parts for vintage NSU Maxi, NSU Quickly and Yamaha motorcycles along with vintage

high-quality reproduction NSU, DKW, ILO, and Horex spark plug boots.


Each part is designed and manufactured in Germany of top quality materials, to ensure every product meets or exceeds original equipment standards. Each reproduction part we offer, has been computer designed from the original product to ensure the look will not compromise even the finest restored motorcar or motorbike. 


Shop our entire line of reproduction • D-Jetronic, NSU Maxi, NSU Quickly, Yamaha, DKW, ILO and Horax components